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We are committed to produce quality product and service.

Our company Mudunu Trading PLC (a limited liability company – LLC) is established under Ethiopian commercial law as a coffee exporting company. Grown out of a long standing coffee producing and trading experiences with a track record of performance in the coffee industry, Mudunu wants to stretch further for excellence and work for the best satisfaction of all stakeholders in the coffee business. We don’t just want to grow and buy coffee from producers and export it to different international markets, we focus on the whole industry and all elements in the coffee production and consumption chain.

Years Experience

Washing station

Sun drying sites


Coffee processing sites

The firm has washing station sites at Harusedersa, Kercha Woreda; Kalaltu Sawa, Bule Hora Woreda; Shakiso, Hambella and Uraga. It also has two (2) sun drying sites at Kercha and Bule Hora woredas.

In addition, the company has unwashed processing sites at Kercha and Bule Hora Towns. At these wet and dry processing sites, the company processes coffees that come from its own plantations and coffee it buys from the grower farmers.


Our company name, "Mudunu Trading PLC" is derived from the traditional cup, "Mudunu", which is used by the Guji community to accompany coffee-based food. "Mudunu" is a cup used to serve a dish made from coffee beans and is a well-known traditional item. It is used to serve a highly respected traditional food called "Buna Qalmaa," which is made from coffee beans and is prepared during special occasions such as weddings, mourning, childbirth, and reconciliation among the Oromo people.
Our company takes pride in our roots and is named after this traditional dish to honor the Oromo culture. We believe that our name reflects the quality of our service and our commitment to the local community. As a coffee exporting company, we strive to maintain the highest standards of quality and excellence, just like the traditional dish that inspired our name.

Partnership and membership

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Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX)

Mudunu Trading PLC is a member and has a marketing booth in Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), a federal government institution that centrally regulates, leads and coordinates coffee marketing in Ethiopia

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Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association

Mudunu Trading PLC is a prominent member of the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association, which further solidifies its position in the coffee industry in Ethiopia.


Mudunu Trading PLC aspires to be a leading Arabica coffee growing, processing and exporting company in Ethiopia by 2028


Mudunu Trading PLC strives to growing, processing and supplying Guji, Sidama, Jima and Yirga Chefe green Arabica coffee beans to international specialty and conventional market destinations


  • Growing coffee in a sustainable manner e
  • Providing good quality coffee for our national and international coffee consumers
  • Engaging coffee growing small holder farmers around our plantations and make them to benefit from their produces in a better way


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Lideta Sub-city, Woreda 08,
300m to the North from Balcha Hospital Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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